We create superb tinting solutions.

Everything, what we create – from research and development, testing and concepts it’s building a solid system.

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About Us

Huxo Group is a company spread out across 12 different sctors providing a long range of products. Starting from raw materials to final products, we do our best to providing the best quality products there is with an effective cost. All the products we sell are researched, developed, and tested over and over again to guarantee the best performance for you.

We're chemists, technicians, programmers, writers, speakers, engeneers, runners, developers, analysts, campers, hikers, authors, photographers, drivers, readers, travelers, gardeners, parents and hard workers. With such diverse group of people, from so many different places and backgrounds, we bring a unique prespective to everything we do.

Products and Services

As we've said before, we make sure all our products and services are at the highest quality with great perfornamce. We'd be happy if you try them yourself.


Higly researched, tested over and over, until we can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. It is our duty to make sure you are getting more for the money you are paying.


For every solution we offer for your business, we assure you a great return on investment. With our experience and our references, high ROI is one of the least things we can do for you.


All of our products are well documented with specific instruction and manuals. However, we offer an excellent customer support which is available all the time and you can talk directly to our experts.

Contact Us

If there are more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you and always available. You can contact us via the form below or direcly via our email: and one from our great staff will responde quiclky.